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It is not just the ingredients, that make the product the World's Best Virility Booster...

We have created our very unique formula that is not present in any other product on the market, but we understood that this is not enough to class our product as the World's best in its category. That is why we have spent countless hours on Research & Development of the ingredients. We have tested every single ingredient from different sources around the world and we have chosen the ingredients that were grown and cultivated from the zones that they produces the highest bio-available, purest and most potent active compounds. In return, we have created the most sophisticated product on the market that is not only effective, but it also allows you to be 100% confident that you are taking the best herbal extracts for boosting your Virility that this planet has to offer.

Now you may be wondering what is inside and how does it work...

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Withania Somnifera KSM-66® Extract

Ashwagandha (latin name:Withania somnifera) has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and it is well-known for its rejuvenating and adaptogenic properties. It is effective in regulating hormones and the immune system, relieving stress, increasing energy levels and improving concentration.

Studies have shown that supplementation with ashwagandha in men led to a significant increase in testosterone levels, improved sperm quality, and higher antioxidant levels. In a recent study, overweight men aged 40-70, with mild fatigue, saw their levels of testosterone and DHEA (a testosterone precursor produced by the adrenal glands) significantly increase after taking an ashwagandha supplement for 8 weeks.

A different case study showed that supplementation with the herb in chronically stressed adults significantly reduced their cortisol levels, compared to the control group. Ashwagandha supplementation is also associated with an increase in muscle mass and strength. A clinical study with young men with little experience in resistance training, showed that taking ashwagandha daily for a period of 8 weeks combined with resistance training resulted in a significant increase in muscle mass and strength, when compared to the control group. In addition, subjects experienced less exercise-induced muscle damage, higher levels of testosterone and a greater decrease in body fat.

Astheracantha Longifolia Extract

Astheracantha Longifolia (latin) also known as Talmakhana is a traditional Indian herb that is known to help with Boosting Male Reproductive System (Potent Aphrodisiac) , Preventing Anxiety and Depression, Reducing Pain And Inflammation, Improving Immunity, Promoting Better Digestion as well as boosting Vigour and Stamina.

Ayurveda, the holistic science of herbal remedies has extensively mentioned the use of this time-tested compound multiple times in several ayurvedic scriptures and journals of Charaka and Susruta. It is mostly indicated for its use in the following conditions which include, Klaibya (treats male sexual dysfunction), Mehahara (treats urinary tract disorders), Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body), Balya (improves muscle strength), Dahahara (relieves burning sensation), Trutahara (relieves excessive thirst), Gulmajit (useful in abdominal tumours),  Ruchya (improves taste), Chakushya (treats eye problems), Kamala (prevents jaundice), and Pushtida (good for nutrition).

Lactuca Serriola Extract

Wild lettuce ( Lactuca Serriola ) contains two compounds—lactucin and lactucopicrin—that act on the central nervous system. Wild lettuce has the highest concentration of lactucopicrin of all plants, although dandelion root and chicory root are also good sources.

In addition to its sedative and analgesic effects, lactucopicrin is believed to act as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor; this means that it blocks cholinesterase enzymes responsible for slowing communication between nerve cells.

Wild lettuce is also said to kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume also known as velvet bean. In herbal medicine and Ayurveda, Mucuna has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for male infertility, nervous disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and as an aphrodisiac.

Recent research uncovered that mucuna might also boost antioxidants and scavenge free radicals in the body

Argyreia Speciosa Extract

Vidhara with its Latin name Argyreia speciosa is a herb that has been scientifically proven to treat cuts, wounds, internal bleeding, rheumatism, ulcers and Gangrene. This plant is also called Elephant creeper. The roots, the leaves and the seeds of this plant are used for a number of medicinal benefits. The roots of this plant are rejuvenator, diuretic, nervine tonic and aphrodisiac and therefore they are effective in treating diseases of the nervous system, rheumatism, strangury and sexual disorders.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

A powerful sexual tonic, Tribulus tops the charts of herbal Viagra. Studies have shown that this herb elevates the luteinising hormone (LH), increasing the levels of free testosterone in healthy males. This in turn will increase sexual desire and libido, improve the quality of sperm whilst making it more nimble, in some cases it will help to remedy erectile dysfunction and it has been proven to be helpful in cases of premature ejaculation. One of the main compounds of this herb is a phytochemical known as "protodioscin", with one study showing it helps to boost nitric oxide production. Nitric Oxide is an essential element of an erection, enabling the smooth muscles of the penis to relax, allowing uninterrupted blood to flow to this area. Tribulus will stimulate the production of sex hormones without affecting other bodily systems.

Leptadenia Reticulata Extract

Jivanti (Leptadenia reticulata) is an important medicinal plant used in Ayurveda. The mention of Jivanti is even found in Atharva Veda. Charak, and Bhavprakash, describe it as best among leafy vegetables. It is included in Jivaniya Gana, which is the group of herbs used for promoting vitality, and life.

Jivanti is considered a stimulant, and tonic in Ayurvedic literatures. It is indicated in debility due to seminal discharge. It is described as an herb with sweet, cold, aphrodisiac, light to digest, and rejuvenative properties. 

Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract

Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia Serpentina) is the plant from milkweed family, firstly used in Ayurvedic traditional medicine. It was used as a kind of aphrodisiac – even native people noticed its effectiveness in improving mood and libido.

Pamelia Perlata Extract

Stone Flowers ( Pamelia Perlata ) are lichens growing in rosettes or spreading irregularly over the substratum, which gives the appearance of a flower. It is mainly composed of fungal mycelia, which forms a network enclosing algal cells.

The plant has astringent, bitter, acrid, cooling, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties. Stone Flowers are an important ingredient in herbal compositions for the treatment of seminal weakness and male sexual debility.


Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek may help increase low testosterone and sperm levels. In a 2017 study , 50 male volunteers took an extract of fenugreek seeds for 12 weeks. About 85 percent of the participants had an increased sperm count. The results also indicate that the extract consistently improved mental alertness, mood, and libido.

Zinc Picolinate

This particular study concluded that in males, zinc has a positive effect on arousal and maintaining an erection. A 2013 study shows that sense of smell may actually be important to libido, especially in younger men. That means that zinc deficiency, which can reduce sense of smell, may also reduce libido.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is critical for maintaining a healthy heartbeat and may protect against cardiovascular disease. Some studies have shown that magnesium supplementation can increase testosterone levels in men.


According to a 2015 review of boron literature published in IMCJ, taking a 6-mg dose of boron for just a week has the following benefits:

Increases the metabolism of the total testosterone in your body to free testosterone, which is used for many sex-related function.

Increases free testosterone levels by nearly 25 percent.

Reduces the amount of estradiol by nearly half.

Reduces indicators of inflammation, such as interleukin and C-reactive proteins, by more than half.

Allows more free testosterone to bond with proteins in your blood, which can have even more benefits as you age

So there’s a lot to be said for boron as a low testosterone supplement. A small 2011 stud of eight male participants confirmed these results — taking 10 mg a day for a week increased free testosterone and lowered estradiol significantly.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 regulates the sex hormones and ups your libido by controlling raised levels of prolactin and regulating the production of oestrogen, testosterone, red blood cells, serotonin, and dopamine.


The BioPerine® in the Virility Booster is used for nutrient absorption purposes. BioPerine is a patented extract of piperine that helps to enhance nutrient absorption, stabilize blood sugar levels, combat cancer cell growth, decrease inflammation, and boost brain function.

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